2008 Navigations – artist books & folios, & mixed media works, Barratt Galleries, NSW

Navigations’ was a selection of works covering a range of media including artist books, prints, and graphic works on wooden panels. Excerpt from Imprint review by Doug Spowart, “As one encounters Dianne Longley’s work there is undoubtedly a feeling of being drawn into a story. Characters emerge, symbols and images appear – they demand interpretation, their sequential flow forms language, creating the syntax within a narrative. Her works seem to connect with the childhood wonderment of things mysterious, sometimes scary and yet seductively alluring. But the work crosses over into deeper intellectual abstract concepts of existence, journey, experience, love and loss – a life lived and one’s own mortality. No single image is simple for Longley.”

NAVIGATION an exhibition by Dianne Longley

Artist's talk by Dianne Longley  at Barratt Galleries September 2008

Gallery talk by Dianne at Barratt Galleries on Saturday September 20 at 1.30pm, just before the opening at 2pm by Jan Davis.
(Panorama images of Barratt Galleries and artist talk by Doug Spowart)

Artists portrait Dianne Longley Dianne Longley and Jan Davis
Dianne with artist book ‘Remember to Die, Remember to Live’ (picture by Doug Spowart) Jan Davis and Dianne at the ‘Navigations’ exhibition at Barratt Galleries 2008 after the opening speech by Jan. (picture by Doug Spowart)