2009-10 ‘Stories of our Making: contemporary prints from Australia’ – Curated by Jan Davis and Travis Paterson

University of West of England, Bristol: September 14-September 20, 2009
Tweed River Gallery: Friday 27 November 27-January 31, 2010
Stories of Our Making was curated by Jan Davis and Travis Paterson for IMPACT VI, an international printmaking conference in Bristol, UK in September 2009 for an audience of printmakers, curators, critics, collectors and academics. ‘Stories of Our Making’ presents a breadth of contemporary Australian printmaking with an emphasis on artists whose work reflects an investigation of Australian identity. Some artists speak of a very ancient engagement with the land, others relate the story of constructing a home in this place after losing a home elsewhere and others speak of their identity through reflecting on the development of cultural myths. Taken together, they provide fragments of a story — the making of this place that we speak of as Australia.

Page from the catalogue:

Stories of Our Making by Dianne Longley