Artist Books

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Remember to Die, Remember to Live

Theatre of Embarkation

Compass of Change 2007

Threads drawn from the past

Curious and Fantastic Creatures

Contingent Ambiguity

Apperception, a symbolic narrative 2001

Cats, Cakes, Clothes & Cups

Sensory Memorandum

Compass of Change 1996

The Golden Rose

Night Sea Crossing

Passage Illuminated

Apperception, a symbolic narrative 1991

Aberrant Observance


Mending Before Ending

Deanin’s Dreams

The Glass Ball



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NAVIGATIONS an exhibition by Dianne LongleyInstallation detail from Navigations exhibition at Barratt Galleries, NSW, panorama photograph by Doug Spowart. Navigationscovers a range of media including artist books, prints, and graphic works on wooden panels. The ideas and images in these works relate to the history of the grotesque where strangeness is more compelling than normality. (detail of panorama by Doug Spowart)Tracing the Echo by Dianne Longley

Installation detail from Tracing the Echo exhibition at Flinders University Art Museum, SA. Tracing the Echo: artists books and folios 1978–2001, traces a journey of investigation into the craft of the art print using traditional techniques, the creation of artist books and, an exploration of the convergence of the new technologies and printmaking. (installation photograph by Grant Hancock)