Aberrant Observance

Dianne Longley – Title of Book: Aberrant Observance
Medium: 11 sheets, folio made with lithographic prints on Magnani Pescia 200gsm paper, with screenprinted text, bound in black buckram with cream lettering by The Dene Bindery.
Size: folio slipcase 40 x 29 x 1.5cm, folio sheets 39 x 29cm
Edition of 16: signed and numbered, 1989
Brief Description: Aberrant Observance employs symbolic language of text and image to describe stages of a metaphysical quest. The images respond to the notion of life as a journey, and to what is possible and what is inevitable. The theatre-like series of images suggest that life is a strange play. As a play has a beginning and an end, in Aberrant Observance, the culmination is self-knowledge.

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