Apperception, a Symbolic Narrative 2001

Dianne Longley – Title of Book: Apperception, a symbolic narrative
Medium: 23 pages, artist book with folded pages, 8 etchings printed intaglio, multi-coloured, onto Japanese Awa paper, letterpress text in magenta, some letterpress pages printedain combination lead type with relief photopolymer plates, pages interleaved with glassine paper, bound in maroon with gold lettering by Anthony Zammit
Size: slipcase 31 x 23 x 2cm, book 30 x 22.5cm
Edition of 30 : second edition, signed and numbered, 2001
Brief Description: This book is a metaphysical quest within which the opposing forces of intuition and the intellect collide, with an eventual reconciliation where each is able to complement the other. The text and image pages are folded, the inner book being Japanese in form, bound in a Western book structure with slipcase.

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