Deanin’s Dreams

Dianne Longley – Title of Book: Deanin‘s Dreams
Medium: 32 pages, text hand-written and offset printed, 10 etchings with hand-colouring, all pages printed on Velin Arches 200gsm paper, book and slipcase in dark blue buckram with silver lettering.
Size: slipcase 30 x 22 x 2cm, book pages 29 x 22cm
Edition of 25 : signed and numbered, 1981
Brief Description: Deanin’s Dreams was inspired by an interest in Cabalistic mysticism, ritual magic and dream symbolism. It involves a sleeping Deanin, wose dreams are gradually unravelled by a mysterious Prince. The story achieves its resolution through the characters’ active participation in the world of dreams. The apparent playful abstractions and the accompanying images belie their structured composition.

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