Night Sea Crossing

Dianne Longley – Title of Book: Night Sea Crossing
Medium: 31 pages, book with laser-printed images on Archive Text Laid 120gsm paper and transparency film. The original 9 images were hand-drawn onto scraperboard, scanned and manipulated to create two related, but separate layered images. Binding in green-black buckram with silver text.
Size: book 21.5 x 30.5 x 1cm
Edition of 30 : signed and numbered, 1994
Brief Description: Night Sea Crossing is a reminiscence of what is lost over the course of a life and what is gained. This work is a ‘leave taking’; an opportunity to take a breath, to take stock, and consider the journey so far. By the shore of a river, vignettes from life are played out, showing most recent memories first and distant ones at journey’s end. This sequence of images is a reflection of the journey between life and death.

View works from the book in the slideshow below.