Threads Drawn From the Past

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Dianne Longley – Title of Book
:Threads drawn from the past, towards a digital future…
Medium: small suitcase of postcards, book and memorabilia
Size: suitcase closed 17.5 x 23 x 11cm, suitcase open variable display sizes
Edition of 6 : signed and numbered, 2005
Brief Description: This book is a combination of a boxed set of postcard images with narratives, family artifacts and miscellaneous family documents contained in a small suitcase, plus a website. The set of postcards (unlike the pages in a traditional book) resemble a deck of cards that have no prescribed order.
The website of Threads drawn from the past, towards a digital future… reflects the non-linear nature of memory with the home page of the site featuring a chequerboard of visual links to random stories with pictures.

View works from the book in the slideshow below.