These sets of prints by Dianne Longley are available for purchase, either as a set, or individual prints.

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Prices vary from $75 – $200 AUD

Porcelain Works

This series of eight porcelain works was created for ‘Emporium’ an exhibition at Adele Boag Gallery in Adelaide in 2005.

The porcelain works were produced using decals made from coloured drawings based on figures from the Renaissance historia animalium of Conrad Gesner, humorous figures from 16th century French humanist and artist François Rabelais, contemporary Japanese ‘kawaii’ figures and toys, the commedia dell’arte, imagined and real plants, and grotesque imagery through history.

My pencil drawings were scanned and coloured in Adobe Photoshop, then the digital files were printed as decals. I adhered the decals onto the porcelain plates, the images on the front, and the titles on the back. I added gold lustre edges, and signed the back of the plates, which were then fired to 800°C. These works can be hung on a wall or placed in a display holder on a shelf.

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